Leashes, Collars and Toys!

I usually stock most of the following Equipment with me and you can purchase it directly from me at your first lesson.

Also most of the Items can be found at local pet stores or online. A proper fitting collar that will not come off during training is the most important piece of equipment. The collar should not have any quick release mechanisms and The dog must not be able slip out of the collar.

Equipment needed to begin:

1 Six to eight foot leather leash or a similar grippy material and 1 Long line (long Leash) 15 to 20 feet in length. I like leashes and long lines from https://boldleaddesigns.com/ or https://sloppychopsco.com/ you can get their brahma / biothane leashes and long lines ( non-leather alternative) as well. 3/8 or 1/2” inch leashes for your smaller dogs and 5/8” to 1” inch for your medium to larger dogs. No Nylon leashes, they can be very slick and hard to grip and potentially burn your hands if your dog bolts or pulls.

1 Martingale Collar: Any appropriately sized Martingale Collar which can be adjusted for a snug fit around the upper neck area. Nylon Martingale collars are perfectly fine as long as the fit can be adjusted. Again, I like the buckle Martingale collars from https://boldleaddesigns.com/ or from Sloppy Chops https://sloppychopsco.com/

Optional: A prong collar: Any appropriately sized prong collar will be fine. I prefer Herm Sprenger with no Quick Release. But again, any Prong Collar will do.

Last but not least a favorite toy only for training and rewards. I like tug toys from Bullet proof pet products. https://bulletproofpetproducts.com/ but again any favorite toy will work.

You can get any of these items from your local pet store or on line from other vendors just please no nylon leashes or longlines. Again, Nylon Martingale collars are perfectly fine as long as they are adjustable.