Services and Pricing.

On Leash Obedience Training.

Off Leash Obedience Training.

Correcting Behavioral Issues.

Most lessons take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on what’s being trained that session, how many people I have to work with, and the dogs desire to cooperate that day.

Lessons cost a flat rate of $130.00

You can also buy lessons in blocks and save some money! 4 lessons for $500.00, 6 for $750 or 8 for $1,000.00

I am also available to consult with you about getting a new dog. I do Breeder consultations, where I either talk to or meet the breeder you have chosen and help with puppy selection. For the same flat rate as a training lesson.

I will do shelter visits to help you pick out the right shelter dog for you and your family. For the same flat rate as a training lesson.

If there is longer than 30 minutes of travel involved, I charge a half day or full day rate plus travel expenses.

Stocked Items:

Leather or Biothane leashs $25.00-$80.00 depending on stock available and options chosen.

Biothane Long lines ( Red only) $40.00

Biothane Martingale Neck size 11"-26" ( Gray only ) $40.00

Herm Sprenger Large Stainless Steel prong collars $50.00

Neck Tech prong collars $75.00

Herm Sprenger small Stainless Steel prong collar $45.00

Tug Toys $25.00